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Every home we design is created with you in mind: Your lifestyle, your tastes, your budget. We have created hundreds of designs you can select today, or you can work with us to customize and modify a deisgn just for your needs.

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Each house plan meets or exceeds nationally recognized building codes and consists of your choice of Foundation, Exterior Elevations, Roof Plan, Main Floor Plan, Second Floor Plan, Building Cross Section, Building Details, Beam Calculations, and Structural Specification Notes.

Livable, Buildable Home Plans

It is our goal to offer you the best home design to meet your needs, whether it be a lakeside retreat, retirement bungalow, or family home. The team at Gallery 12 Home Designs is experienced and adept at customizing homes that fit your lifestyle. Search our plans to find something that matches your ideal, and if you don’t find one or two that fit, count on us to create it just for you!

Some of Our New Designs

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Home Designs Spokane


1 Bed - 2-1/2 Bath

Single-story house plans like this one offer a comfortable and functional living space for individuals or small families.

Spokane Home Designs


2 Bed - 1 Bath​

With this floor plan, you’ll have a functional and comfortable living space without sacrificing the number of bedrooms.


2 Bed - 2 Bath

Small families or individuals looking for a functional and comfortable living space will love this floor plan. Two bedrooms with private bathrooms provide added convenience and privacy.

1488 Rancher


4 Bed - 2 Bath

These floor plans are ideal for families looking for a spacious and functional living space without the hassle of stairs. Also, it is a good choice if you want a layout that is easy to navigate and accessible to all ages and abilities.


2 Bed - 2 Bath

Two-bedroom, two-bathroom homes are often chosen because of their convenience and functionality, since they provide privacy and comfort. Those who want a compact and efficient layout without sacrificing the number of bedrooms or bathrooms will benefit from this type of floor plan.


2 Bed - 2 Bath

For a small family or couple who prefer easy, one-level living, a rancher home plan with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths is a great choice. Families with young children or older homeowners may also benefit from this type of plan, since it eliminates the need to climb stairs. Those who enjoy entertaining or spending time with their families would also benefit from a rancher plan with a spacious, open-concept living area.



2 Bed - 1/2 Bath

The layout is ideal for people who want two bedrooms but don’t need a full bathroom in each one. Guest or family members will appreciate the convenience of a half bathroom without taking up too much space.


4 Bed - 2 Bath

These floor plans are ideal for families looking for a spacious and functional living space without the hassle of stairs. In addition, it is accessible to people of all ages and abilities and easy to navigate.


2 Bed - 2 Bath

In addition to being compact and efficient, this kind of floor plan doesn’t sacrifice the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. For anyone looking for a functional and comfortable living space in a compact layout, a 2 Bed, 2 Bath is a great option.


4 Bed - 4 Bath

Those who enjoy hosting friends and family and need extra room for overnight guests would benefit from this type of house plan. In addition, it would be perfect for parents with older children or teenagers who need their own space. For a family who values both privacy and togetherness, a four bedroom, four bathroom home plan is a versatile and functional option

2252-Two Story

4 Bed - 1/2 Bath

Small or growing families would benefit from this home plan. In this type of plan, four bedrooms are typically found on the second floor, along with a shared bathroom.

3100 Two Story

3 Bed - 3 Bath

There are many different types of homes of this type, including homes that are ideal for families with children, couples who want extra space for guests, and individuals who wish to have a dedicated space for their office or other personal needs.

3450 Two Story

2 Bed - 1/2 Bath

Those who want to have a dedicated guest or office space can also choose this type of home plan. The efficient use of space and functional layout make this home plan ideal for anyone who wants to live comfortably in a stylish and compact space.



4 Bed - 2 Bath

The spacious layout provides enough space for everyone to have their own space, while the two floors allow for separation of living areas. The second floor of this house plan can also be used as a dedicated workspace by those who work from home. A versatile home plan like this is perfect for individuals and families who value both functionality and space.

Custom Home Design Services

Make your home personal

We’ll take a sketch off a dinner napkin, your ideas off Pinterest, or even a simple concept you have, and our team will convert all your dreams into reality. Together, we’ll work to create a floor plan and look that fits all your needs, finishing with a completed construction set you can build.

Home Designs

Our Design Process

We take care of all you needs and desires throughout the process. Your design consultant will work with you to establish your criteria, budget and technical requirements.

Initial Consultations

We will sit down with you to discuss your ideas and dreams for your new home, and help you find the best fit for you. Whether we can find a stock plan that needs a few tweaks to make it perfect for your family, or if a custom home design that will have everything you've dreamed of is the right way for you. You'll have a designer available to help with plan customization or tech^ical questions.

Design Completion & Review

Once you choose the best plan for your family, we will go to work customizing, designing. and modifying your floor plan until it has everything perfect for you. After the floor-plan is exactly what you've dreamed of, we will then create the perfect exterior look that fits what you've pictured driving home to every night.

Construction Documents

After the preliminary designs are complete and everything you want is in your design, we will finish the construction drawings for you to start the building process. Our final construction set consists of all 4 exterior elevations, roof plan, structural floor plans, foundation plan, building cross sections, typical construction details and IRC structural specifications. You are then ready to take these to your builder and start building your dream home!

Work With us

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Proverbs 24:3