Square footage calculations are made from the outside face of exterior wall constructions and include all walls. Window, fireplace, and room projections are included only when the floor joists are extended under that area. Areas not included are decks, porches, garages, carports, and attics.

Construction drawings include:
Foundation Plan, Floor Plan, Four Exterior Elevations, Building Sections and general notes and details.

NOTE: Mechanical and plumbing drawings are not included.� Mechanical and plumbing and design considerations vary widely across the country, therefore, this portion of the design is left to the contractor � as is frequently done throughout the housing industry.� The plans include information and details that builders need to make an application for a building permit at the local inspector�s office.� Plans are drawn to meet standard performance codes


Price Code A
0-1250 sq. ft.
$ 1.20 per sq. ft.

Price Code B
1251-1750 sq. ft.
$1.30 per sq. ft.
Price Code C
1751-2250 sq. ft.
$1.50 per sq. ft.
Price Code D
2251-4000 sq. ft.
$ 1.70 per sq. ft.

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